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Best Auto Image Background Remover for Software/App/Online [2024]

Are you experiencing distress due to a common scenario where you have captured impeccable photographs, only to realize that the background does not meet your desired standards? It could be a result of a cluttered environment, inadequate lighting, or a combination of unappealing colors. Consequently, you may find yourself seeking to remove or replace the background of these photographs. Thankfully, the continuous progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has led to significant improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of auto image background removal. In this article, we will delve into the top auto image background remover options for software, online platforms, and mobile apps in the year 2024.

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Part 1: Best Auto Image Background Removal Software - AVCLabs PhotoPro AI(Windows & Mac)

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI is an all-in-one auto image editing software that integrates AI technology for various editing tasks, including background removal. With AVCLabs PhotoPro AI, users can remove backgrounds accurately and easily with just a few clicks. The software employs AI algorithms to analyze images and intelligently separate the foreground or background subject.The multiple selection tools in the software can also help you intelligently select and remove all unwanted things. In addition to background removal, AVCLabs PhotoPro AI offers a range of editing features to enhance and transform images.

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

  • Automatic background detection and removal.
  • Accurately distinguish subject from background.
  • Flexible use of various selection tools.
  • Remove unwanted objects form photo.
  • Various photo editing tools for photo enhancement, coloring, color correction and more.
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Steps to Remove Background with AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

Step 1
Download and Install

Download and install AVCLabs PhotoPro AI on your computer and launch it.

main interface
Step 2
Import the Image to the Program

Click the "Browse" button to explore and open the old photo in the program, or just drag and drop the old image to the program.

add bg remove photo
Step 3
Use of Selection Tools

Click Matting and the top of the program provides a variety of selection tools, in order to accurately separate the background, here we recommend using the foreground selection tool or object selection tool.

use selection tools
Step 4
AI Matting and Change Background Color

Click "Apply" and you will see that the background of the picture is automatically removed. In addition to removing the background, you can also change a different background color or customize the background here.

background color setting
Step 5
Export Images

If you are satisfied with the effect of image background removal, just click the "Export" button.

save bg remove photo

Part 2: Best Auto Image Background Removal Online - AVC AI

In addition to software solutions, online platforms have also emerged as popular options for auto image background removal. Among them, AVC AI, stands out as a top-notch online tool that delivers exceptional results. AVC AI offers a seamless and convenient online platform specifically designed for efficient photo editing. With its automated editing tools, users can remove backgrounds accurately and effortlessly in just a few simple steps.

avc ai

Steps to Remove Background with AVC AI

Step 1
Visit the AVC AI Website and Upload the Image
remove bg- nterface
Step 2
Select RemoveBG and Start Processing
remove bg model
Step 3
Click the Eye button to Preview and Download
remove bg preview

Part 3: Best Auto Image Background Removal App - YouCam Perfect(Android & iOS)

If you are used to photo editing on mobile devices, just try YouCam Perfect - a popular mobile app for enhancing and editing photos, with a focus on selfies. It offers a wide range of tools and effects to capture the perfect selfie and create stunning images. With its intelligent object removal feature, you can easily remove unwanted objects or people from your photos and replace the background seamlessly. Whether you want to touch up your selfies or remove distractions from your photos, YouCam Perfect provides a user-friendly solution for background removal, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results.

youcam perfect

Steps to Remove Background with YouCam Perfect

Step 1: Download and install YouCam Perfect from app store.

Step 2: Upload the image into the software, navigate to "Remove Background" at the bottom of the screen and tap it to remove background.

Step 3: In addition to removing the background, you can also choose different scenes in the background to create a new background for the picture.

Part 4: FAQs About Remove Background

Q: Are Auto background removal tools accurate?

A: Auto background removal tools have significantly improved in accuracy over time. They utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to automatically detect and separate the subject from the background. While they can produce impressive results, there may still be cases where manual adjustments or fine-tuning are required for more complex images.

Q: What other image editing tasks can complement background removal?

A: Background removal is often part of a larger image editing workflow. Other common tasks that can complement background removal include color correction, retouching, resizing, adding filters or effects, and text or graphic overlay. These additional editing steps can further enhance the visual appeal and overall composition of the image.

Q: How can I learn more about background removal techniques and tools?

A: There are numerous online tutorials, guides, and courses available that provide in-depth information on background removal techniques and tools. You can explore resources on platforms like YouTube, online learning platforms, and official documentation or user forums of specific software or tools. Experimenting and practicing with different tools can also help you develop your skills in background removal.


In the realm of auto image background removal, AVCLabs PhotoPro AI for software, AVC AI for online platforms, and YouCam Perfect for mobile apps are top choices in 2024. AVCLabs PhotoPro AI offers comprehensive software functionality, while AVC AI provides a seamless online experience. YouCam Perfect, on the other hand, excels as a powerful mobile app.

Whether you prefer working on your computer, through a web browser, or on your mobile device, these automated solutions empower you to remove backgrounds effortlessly and achieve professional-quality results.

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