batch compression with fast speed

Batch Compression with Fast Speed

Experience the future of video compression with Any Video Converter's remarkable batch processing capability. Tired of tediously compressing videos one by one? Our solution lets you compress multiple videos in one go, saving you precious time and effort.

No more waiting around for hours as your videos compress. Any Video Converter's batch compression feature ensures that you can swiftly shrink down your video collection without compromising quality.

Easiest Way to Get the Desired File Size

Compress your video to the desired range in just three steps: upload the video, choose the compression method, and start compressing.

You're provided with two distinct compression methods for added flexibility: opt for percentage-based compression or customize the target size to which you want the video compressed. This user-friendly approach ensures that you have the control to achieve your desired level of compression, whether you're focused on specific dimensions or a certain percentage reduction.

flexible compression option
resize videos for smooth playback

Compress Your Videos To Ensure Smooth Video Playback

No more buffering, no more lag – just fluid, uninterrupted viewing.

While large video files might work well on powerful computers, it's important for video content creators to consider that many people watch videos on smartphones, older PCs, or with slower internet connections. Properly compressed videos ensure smoother playback for a broader audience, regardless of the device or network conditions.

Resize Your Videos to Get Better Video Editing Process

Is a larger video file always superior? Not necessarily. Sizeable video files can overload system resources during both editing or playback, causing significant slowdowns.

Our solution not only ensures compatibility but also optimizes your videos by adjusting the bit rate. Any Video Converter empowers you to resize your videos to precisely match your editing requirements. This unlocks a smooth workflow that enhances both efficiency and creativity.

resize video for better workflow

How to Compress a Video

Step 1. Launch Any Video Converter

Install and launch the Any Video Converter.

Step 2. Upload Video(s)

Click the Compress Video tool from the toolkits list and upload a video or multiple videos.

Step 3. Set Compression Options

Set the compression and output options on the right.

Step 4. Start Compressing Video

Click the Start button to compress video.

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Any Video Converter Video Compressor

Compress and Reduce Video File Size in Batches with Any Video Converter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What settings can you change to make a file size smaller?

To make a file size smaller, you can typically adjust various settings related to video quality and compression. These settings include adjusting the video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and codec used.

2. How do you reduce the file size of a video?

The file size of a video can be reduced by using a video compressor or video editing software. Reducing video size with the video compressor tool of Any Video Converter only needs steps: upload one or multiple videos, choose the compression method, and then start compressing.

3. What is the best free video compressor?

Any Video Converter is the best free video compressor. It allows you to compress and reduce video file size in batches without losing quality.

4. Is there a video size reducer without watermark?

Yes, Any Video Converter offers the video compressing tool to help you reduce videos without watermark.

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