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Stitch Videos and Images Together for Free

Utilize the video merger to seamlessly merge distinct video clips and images together. Encounter a fleeting image that’s hard to perceive or a segment that seems extended, affecting the video’s concise nature? No need for concern — adjust the durations of added images to your requirements and refine the video’s rhythm.

Beyond merging videos and images, you can also add text to a pure-color background to take it as a customized transition.

Fill the Frame to Create a Consistent Look

How to merge videos and images with different dimensions and make sure they look consistent? This video merging tool provides three different fill methods: black border filling, cropping the picture, and tiling the picture. These methods ensure a natural blend of all your clips, creating a harmonious composition.

flexible video merging options
add transitions

Add Pre-set Transitions to Make the Video Much Smoother

Add pre-set transitions that effortlessly glide between scenes, making your video flows smoothly. No more abrupt cuts—just a cohesive masterpiece that captivates your audience.

Select a transition style that cater to your requirement. Fine-tune transition durations for a seamless integration that harmonizes flawlessly with your entire video. In addition, you can streamline your workflow by effortlessly applying a transition between all clips in just a single click.

How to Merge Videos and Images

Step 1. Run Any Video Converter

Install and launch the Any Video Converter.

Step 2. Select The Merge Video Tool

Click the Merge Video tool from the toolkits list.

Step 3. Upload Videos and Images to the Program

Add files (videos and images) that you want to merge.

Step 4. Add Transtions

Click the add transition button to add any preset transtions in the bottom. You can also apply it to all clips with one click.

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Any Video Converter Merge Video Tool

The Video Merging Tool Helps You Combine Multiple Videos and Images into One Effortlessly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to merge 2 videos in one?

To merge two videos into one, you can use video editing software or other video merging tools. Import both videos into the software, arrange them in the desired sequence on the timeline, and then export/render the final merged video.

2. What software merge two videos into one?

Any Video Converter is software that can merge two or more videos and even images into one. It also presets transitions to make the merged videos more cohesive.

3. What software can merge MP4 files?

Most of the software can merge MP4 files. The video merging tool of Any Video Converter can merge files in kinds of formats, including MP4, AVI, MVK, MOV, JPG, PNG, etc.

4. How to merge videos on iPhone?

There are many apps you can use to merge videos on iPhone. For example, the iMovie app. Open iMovie, create a new project, import the videos you want to merge, arrange them in the desired order on the timeline, and then export the merged video.

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