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How to Fix Blurry Pictures Online for Free?

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annie By Annie Janice
Posted On: November 30, 2023
Category: Photo Enhancer

"What is the best way to fix a blurry picture online?" - Shayla Bloom

It's frustrating when you open a picture on your computer's image viewer or smartphone and find that the photo is blurred. A lot of the photo information (pixel data) is missing, so making the picture appear less blurry may prove a challenge. Thankfully, there's plenty of online AI image sharpening tools on the market to make a blurry picture clear without efforts. It is really easy to fix blurry pictures online if you have an AI-based image processing tool like AVC.AI.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix blurry pictures online for free.

fix blurry photo

problem Part 1: What Cause Blurry Pictures

There are several reasons that may cause your photos to turn out blurry. The most 5 common causes of blurry pictures are:

1. Too much camera movement while clicking the picture

Blurriness in photos is caused by multiple reasons; one of them is motion blur. It happens when the camera is used in automatic mode in low light. If the blurring was caused by camera movement you'll often see slight ghosting or double-image when you look at the image at 100%.

2. Objects moving while getting clicked causing motion blur

With subject movement, you'll typically see the same kind of ghosting, or double image, as you see with camera movement, except that you'll usually only see it in specific parts of the image.

3. Bad, missing, or misaligned focus

The object should be focused properly. A slight miscalculation in the focus can throw the subject completely out of the focal plane, or give you a subject with perfectly sharp earlobes and blurry eyes.

4. Bad camera-holding technique

Blurred pictures are also captured because of the unprofessional holding of the camera. Usage of firm grip is necessary if good quality pictures are to be taken.

5. Dirty lens

If your lens is dirty, don't expect to get sharp images. Don't just clean your lenses (or filters) with anything – you could scratch and damage them.

6. Shutter speed is too slow

A too-slow shutter speed is the number one culprit of blurry photos.

problem Part 2: Can I Fix A Blurry Photo Online

The answer is absolutely yes. You can definitely unblur images online. If you don't want to download third-party software to fix blurry pictures, you can try an online photo enhancer tool such as AVC.AI to unblur images. You'll just need to upload your blurry image on the tool, and it will automatically fix your blurry photos online for free.

recommend Part 3: Fix Blurry Pictures Online for Free

Thanks to AI image sharpening algorithms, you can fix blurry pictures online free without any hassle. Free online photo sharpener AVC.AI is highly recommended. Based on the AI technology, it helps users to enhance and fix the blurry photos intelligently in only a few seconds while keeping quality. Powered by AI noise reduction technology, you can get rid of noise from photos taken by a digital camera. No PhotoShop skills are required to fix the blurry pictures, restore photos with blurry faces and convert the low-definition photo to high-definition.

Key Features of AVC.AI

  • Enlarge and upscale image without losing quality.
  • Sharpen and fix blurry picuters online.
  • Upscale low-definition photos to HD.
  • Coloriza B&W images and Enhance color.
  • Remove image background with one click.
  • Remove any objects, people, watermark and text.
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Here are the simple steps to remove blur from pictures .

Step 1
Upload A Blurred Image to AVCLabs Photos Enhancer AI

Go to the free online AI image sharpening tool with any browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Drag and drop an image to this online tool to fix the blurred image.

upload low-res image
Step 2
Choose the AI Model And Scale Value to Enhance the Photo

If you don't want to remove the image background, you're suggested to choose AI Image Upscale model.

make blurry picture online

This tool gives you more useful options. You can remove the blur while scaling up their resolution. By default, the tool will scale up the image by 1x. You can choose more scales available from this tool, like 2x and even 4x.

Now, click on the Start Processing button to start fixing the blurry photo. It will take about 1 minute, please wait patiently. You can sit back and do something else during the one minute when the tool is enhancing the photo automatically.

fix blurry picture online
Step 3
Preview the Result And Download the Enhanced Photo to Your Computer

Once the image deblurring process is done, simply switch to the Processed Image tab. You'll see 3 buttons beside the image. You are allowed to preview, download and deleted the fixed blurry image. Before you decide to save the image without blur, you can preview the result. By default, the image can be previewed “Side by side”. The result as you can see here is quite amazing.

processed low res image online
preview high resolution image online

Click on the Download Image to download the image in no time.

Video Tutorial: How to Fix Blurry Pictures Online for Free


Bluriness in pictures can stem from various factors, but with the advancements in AI technology, addressing this issue has become more convenient than ever. The availability of online platforms providing simple image-sharpening features and specialized applications designed for this purpose offers a diverse range of accessible options. This article primarily directs attention to the practical and cost-effective methods of fixing blurry pictures online. If you find your photos suffering from blurriness, there's hope for improvement without incurring any financial burden.

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