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Top 5 Best Waifu2x Alternatives to Upscale Anime Images Online without Losing Quality

"How do you upscale an anime picture online for free? What are the best Waifu2x alternatives to upscale anime images online without losing quality?" - Jason Weiesnbach

If you’re an ardent fan of Japanese anime and manga, chances are you have come across the term ‘waifu2x’ at some point. But, what exactly is Waifu2x? In this post, we will explore more on the topic more by telling you everything you need to know about waifu2x images, and the best Waifu2x alternatives to upscale anime images online without losing quality, as well as how they can help you get that perfect waifu2x images. Just keep reading to discover more!

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problemPart 1: What Is Waifu2x

Waifu2x is an image super-resolution upscaling algorithm for upscaling low-detail Anime-style art or images without losing their quality using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. It uses artificial intelligence to upscale the images and generates new, bigger images that are of much higher quality than their original counterparts. It was developed as a proof-of-concept project by a team of researchers at Kyoto University and has since become an essential part of the anime community. Nowadays, most people use waifu2x images to upscale their favorite anime images and show off their incredible skills on social media. Waifu2x stands for “Wide-angle Image-focused Upscaling to go beyond the original Pixel”, and is based on the idea that images are essentially light that has traveled through a lens and hit a sensor. It is designed to upscale pixelated images that have been compressed by digital cameras or scanners and then decreased in size. The upscaling algorithm allows you to increase the resolution of anime images without losing their quality.

recommend Part 2: Top 5 Best Waifu2x Alternatives to Upscale Anime Images Online

Fortunately, there are several alternative tools available that can upscale your images just like waifu2x does. So, if you don’t want to download or use the original waifu2x algorithm, here are some alternative choices. Let's check out the 5 best Waifu2x alternatives to upscale anime images online, and enhance anime images' quality online.

1. AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online is a great AI-based alternative to Waifu2x on the market. You can use this AI Anime Upscaler to upscale or increase the resolution of any kind of image like landscape, wildlife, portrait, anime, wedding, night, macro, still life, or product, to 2x, 3x, or 4x for purpose of big-screen wallpapers, printing, advertisements, and more. Powered by perfect combination of AI technology and machine learning algorithm, it upscale waifu anime images without any quality loss. What's more, it comes with many features like an enlarger, sharpener, denoiser, enhancer, face retoucher, and background removal.

avclabs ai anime image upscaler online

Photo Enhancer AI

  • Upscale images with super-resolution.
  • Sharpen images online 100% automatically.
  • Fix blurry photos by removing noise & grain.
  • Face Retouching tool to make portraits beautiful.
  • Naturally turn B&W photos into colors.
  • Calibrate and fix the color issue of photos.
  • Make the images' backgrounds transparent.
  • No editing skills are needed.
photo enhancer ai


Secure, convenient-to-use, and online tool

Enlarge images up to 4x online free automatically

Rich advanced image enhancement features are provided

Batch processing is supported

Multiple options to get free credits


A good network condition is needed during the whole process

2. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is another powerful online image upscaling tool that works for all kinds of images, not just anime images like Waifu2x, and it produces excellent results. Like Waifu2x, Let’s Enhance uses Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to train the tool and increase size without reducing image quality.



Customizable upscaling up to 16x

Bulk processing

Enhancement tools are offered


Lack of RAW formats support

Free plan limited to 5 photos

3. VanceAI Anime Upscaler

VanceAI Anime Upscaler is an amazing waifu2x alternative that allows you to double the size of images all the while improving their image quality. Using this more upscale anime, which utilizes the more complex algorithms provided by Waifu2x, you can go up to 8x or even 16x. It is one of the online tools that you can access via VanceAI's website.

vanceai anime upscaler


One of the best UI designs for an online image editor

Offers multiple anime-based tools to get creative

Provides good results in a short time


Limited free use

It has a limited number of export options

4. AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is also one of the best alternative to waifu2x. It uses the latest AI upscaling technology to help users produce high-quality anime wallpaper by upscaling small or low-quality pictures. It could smooth and improve the picture quality and make the detail or texture smoother. Fix some blurry parts and enhance the pixel to the best.

ai image imglarger anime 16k


Can enlarge an image up to 800%

Automatically detects the issues with the pictures and work on each problem

Very minimal rates


Doesn’t have an editing feature

The price range is high

5. Bigjpg

Bigjpg is a great alternative to Waifu2x if you’d like to upscale anime and regular images. Based on Waifu2x, it also uses neural networks to enhance images when upscaling them. Apart from supporting anime images, Bigjpg has expanded to support regular images as well.



Batch upload multiple images at once

Enlarge up to 16x without losing quality

automatic waifu2x site


The paid version is not useful for all

It sometimes takes a lot of time


All in all, the 5 waifu2x alternatives mentioned above are extremely easy to use. If you have some low-resolution images, illustrations, or anime pictures you want to enhance or upscale. You can select the one from the 5 waifu2x alternatives. For anime images and for enhancing old photos, colorizing, and more, I’d recommend the AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online.

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